Journey across the Trackless Sea to an island of adventure and intrigue. Heroes and villains vie for power in a beautiful, perilous, immersive world. Welcome to the World of Arelith, a uniquely featured Neverwinter Nights Persistent World RP Server.

You will need the NeverWinter Nights game and expansions to play, No haks or downloads are required. Join us by direct connecting to (main servers) or (Fixed Level server).

To Direct Connect, select 'Join Lan Game', enter the address given and then hit connect. Direct connecting helps reduce lag and maintain server stability.

Arelith has been updated to version 1.69. To connect to Arelith please make sure your local client has been patched. You can update by running the automatic update utility or by downloading the official Bioware patch.

It is expected that all players will be familiar with the rules upon joining. The rules may be found on the Arelith Website or in your in-game journal and the notices posted in the entryway. If you have any questions, please check the forums or seek DM assistance. (mailto: Arelith.DM -at-

Arelith Trailer by Mithreas.

Arelith Sightseeing Video courtesy of n00bdragon.

To make the most of your experience, learn and always follow Arelith's Five Golden Rules.

Arelith's Golden Rules

We hate rules. Initially, our ONE rule was 'have fun'. The problem with that was some people think it's loads of fun to do things that detract (and remove) the fun that other players are having, and the server quality reflected that. The current rules that we stringently enforce to ensure quality can really be summed up with the following statement: Play nicely and don't be a cheeseball.

RULE 1: Role Play

We expect you to Role Play here. OOC and // talk are not allowed. Stay in character. Famous characters, using unearned titles, or using external software to modify the physical appearance of your character (including headpaks) is prohibited. Also note, that character names, skin tones, etc. can be rejected at DM's discretion and if asked, you are expected to remake without complaint. Similarly, if your character concept is harmful to the immersion of the world (e.g. you're playing Drizzt) you will be asked to delete and start over with a different concept.

RULE 2: Abide by the Rules of Engagement

Combat actions and political actions against other PC's (PvP) MUST BE INTERACTIVELY ROLE PLAYED. That means: you interact, they interact, BEFORE any battle occurs. No exceptions (though note that assassins executing a contract set up via the Guild of Assassins can count the contract process as the required interaction). If your character is killed by another PC (or vice versa), you must wait one realtime day before participating in PvP or interacting in any way with that PC or other hostile PCs from the battle unless both sides explicitly agree otherwise. You are always free to take flight from PvP. Having an opposite or evil alignment is not sufficient reason for PvP action. Before attacking another player the dislike state must be activated.

RULE 3: Stealing (No Excessive Theft)

Stealing more than ONCE per real time day from the same player is prohibited and will result in painful penalties, or worse. Stealing 'once' means one successful item or gold theft. One item means one stack of items - so you can steal 99 stacked arrows, or one bow. Please note, that stealing or destroying someone's furnishings is considered griefing if more than ONE piece is damaged/stolen. Please use the pickpocket skill with extreme caution, as there can be dire consequences when used wrong.

RULE 4: Be Nice

Cybering is NOT PERMITTED on this server. There is a vast age range that plays on Arelith, for this reason, restrict any conduct you may be involved in to a "PG-13" level of interaction. Unwarranted rudeness, potentially offensive role play, inappropriate sexual references, foul language, harassment, killing non-hostile NPCs without DM supervision, and poor gamesmanship (including wanton destruction, griefing of any kind, exploiting known or unknown bugs, transferring items between your characters, logging to avoid consequences, etc) are prohibited. To conserve server resources for all, ownership of game property is limited to one shop, one quarter, one guildhouse (a quarter that contains other quarters) and any number of temporary shops (marked as such) per PLAYER (not character, CD key, login name, etc. Player. Real, flesh and blood player).

RULE 5: Listen to the DMs.

The Dungeon Masters are to be considered the final authority in any dispute, question, or issue that comes up, and by playing on Arelith, you agree to abide by their decisions. If there is a dispute with a DM ruling, or if you feel you've been dealt with unfairly, OBEY THE RULING at the time, and then contact me (Ka Ta, Jjjerm) and I will resolve it. Send any complaints or compliments to me by PM on the forums (username Jjjerm).

Disregarding any of these rules will result in punitive disciplinary actions up to and including permanent removal from the Arelith community if it is deemed necessary for the community as a whole.

For Additional Information, please check our forums. If you have any questions, our DM team is here to help you.