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This is a main heading!

Words enclosed in two equals are the main dividers of categories within articles and appear first in the table of content.

This is a sub heading

Words enclosed in three equals are sub headings. These appear as sub-categories, to say, this would be 1-1

And this is another

And this would be 1-2.

And this

is 2-0, naturally.

Now, for writing styles you can enclose your words in two apostrophes (these -> ') to write in italic, three for bold, and you can even combine them.

  • Asterisks
  • Make
  • For
  • Pointed
  • Lists
And starting the sentence with two dots gives it an indent
It's also good for other stuff.
Starting with a space in the beginning gives it a code style

You can link words to other articles by enclosing them in dual brackets. These brackets [[ ]]. For example, clerics are OP. The name of what you enclose in brackets has to match the exact name of the article, even the capitals. And you can do two more things from here: Define exactly where in the article it redirects with a Hashtag to the category. For example: Clerics are OP#Reason 1, and you can also write the link in any word you want with a vertical bar in the middle, for example, and it would look like this: Reasons

Now, to conclude. You can define the category of a page with the following format (Category: CategoryName) in doubled brackets instead of parentheses, and all related articles will be in those categories.

For external links, you can simply use Something like this. Also, this link leads to a table generator that is pretty easy to use and will save you a lot of headache making up the tables yourselves.

Marking articles as stub or for deletion are done with {{delete}} and {{stub}}, and you can remove the Table of Content from an article with __NOTOC__.

Oh, oh. And for redirection pages (you know, when you search for something that instead automatically links to something else), you just have to create the page with the desired search name, and fill it with #REDIRECT [[Example Meme Page]].

For uploading images, we'll still need to poke Midnight to enable it from the server. And I think those are the basics!


Naturally, read this article in EDIT mode so you can see what this really looks like in code. All the nowiki tags are there for the article to be somewhat readable without entering edit mode, as well, since nowiki disables the specific enclosed functions.